Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, you may have some questions. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.
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Is it safe for my child?

Loffieland enforces strict rules to ensure that nobody except authorized persons are allowed to pick up your child from school.  In addition, we have effective access control to the school and no unknown or unauthorized persons are allowed on the school premises.

Loffieland is situated in a safe area of town. Arcadia street has many embassy residences which have their own private security.  In addition, we are contracted to Interactive Security for immediate response in case of any threat or incident.

Is Loffieland a multi-racial school?

Loffieland accommodates children from all races, colors and creeds.  Many of the children in the school are from foreign countries.

 About 80% of the children are non-white.  The language of tuition is English, but Afrikaans, Xhosa, Northern Sotho and Zulu are also spoken.