School Fees

The table below details the school fees for 2018 which includes a computer lesson per week. The school runs for 11-and-a-half months and the full monthly fee is payable from January to November. December fees are paid daily (R130-00 per day) for every day the child attends school up until the 12th of December 2018.

Monthly school fees exclude additional fees for excursions and extramural activities.


Age Group Yearly Monthly
Babies & Toddlers R27,500 R2,500
All Others R26,400 R2,400



All first time enrolments are subject to a R800 enrolment fee per child, to be paid up front. (non-refundable)

Re-registration fee of R1200. (non-refundable)

An additional R400-00 is payable in January or February 2018 to cover all the puppet shows for the year.

For more information on fees, please contact the school.